Monday, October 26, 2009

Lab C Poland..Team Handball

For our Lab C me and Jason chose the country Poland, and decided to teach Team Handball. Although Poland did not really have a national sport. Handball was something that was really popular over there, and is widely liked in Poland. Although my teaching session had started off terrible because the homemade kielbasa that my uncle still makes down in Scranton did not fit into any of the pots that I had, so I was not able to cook it, and bring it into class for everyone to have. To make matters worse, my room mate had apperantly found a different way to cook the kielbasa, and ate it while I was gone for the weekend. As for my actual teaching, I thought that things went very well. I had a good visual aid that related to my country and the sport. Things also went very smoothly while teaching some of the different aspects of throwing in team handball. I felt that I spoke very clearly, and was able to keep the classes attention very well. I thought that I gave good examples, but needed to change positions while doing various demonstrations. I thought that I improved on keeping my eye on the entire class versus last time teaching. I would have to say that I let things go a little long, and we were not able to get into many variations. But for the most part I had a great time teaching this, and I felt like the class really enjoyed it as well. I think that I am improving everytime I teach, and cant wait till Lab D when I get to teach something that I am not really familiar with, like aerobics!!!

Mini Conference- Speed Stacking

I had choosen to attend the Speed Stacking Session at the mini conference, because I had seen it on tv several times, and it had always intrigued me. How could pople do something like that so quickly? Well at this conference I learned how. Also at this session, they showed variations that a techer could use within their class that would add some more exercise to something that doesnt involve a whole lot of movement. I was really happy that I had gone to this particular session, and I even got a free set of stacking cups!!!

Lab B...The Claw and Pancake

Although it has taken me a little while to get my blog situated, I wanted to adress my second time teaching. This time teaching I had to teach a particular part of the ultimate frisbee lesson. My particular part was the claw and the pancake. These were two diffrent ways to catch the frisbee once it was thrown. I thought that I was very informed, and prepared for how I was going to teach the class. I knew exactly how I wanted to go about adressing these different types of catches, and was very aware of the different types of cues that I wanted to make sure the class knew about. While I was teaching, I thought that my strong point, like before was being very confident, and speaking very clearly, and loud. I thought that i was able to keep their attention, and intrigue with what I was teaching. The one thing that I thought I needed to work on was the fact that I had turned my back a couple of times when I was giving feedback to a couple of students. While this was going on I noticed that some of the class just started to leave the room. Once I had gotten their attention, and got them back into class, the other part of class started to leave. I wasnt too rattled by this even though I had been the only student that had had something really happen at all while they were teaching. I thought I did a decent job of not letting it distract the rest of class, and keep on going with the lesson. But still must make sure that I keep a better eye, and dont let it get that far. Over all I really enjoyed teaching this lesson, and look forward to the next time I have to teach.