Saturday, December 19, 2009

95.8 Enough Said Final Part 2

This is an extreme expansion on my obvious mastery of the idance system. I was able to provide a serie of task progressions that one would have to achieve on their way to becoming an i Dance master like myself or Bas. I also made sure theat there was an assessment to use in order to see how well one was completing various levels. I also made sure that my superintendent at my dream school was well aware of how important it is to have an iDance system at my school, and how beneficial it would be.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Portfolio Artifacts

Throughout this semester I have compiled several artifacts, and tools that I thought would be beneficial to put into my professional portfolio. Some of these artifacts included the Lab D lesson plan for 255. one other artifact that I found very useful, was my lesson plan for teaching in my statistics class this year. This was the first time I tried teaching this new method, and writing the lessong plan up for it was fun and challenging at the same time.

Coach Krow

Over Thanksgiving Break, and the saturday following Thanksgiving Break I helped out my former school by assisting in coaching their freshman basketball team. I had played basketball all through my tenure at Maine Endwell, and know a few things about the game. The coach for the freshman team, who happens to also have the same last name as me asked if I wouldnt mind helping out with the team during any free time that I had. I figured this would be a great chance to help burn off some of the holiday calories, so I jumped at the opportunity. I was able to help coach 5 different practices of 2 hours each. I think this helped with both my learning to become a teacher, and also with coaching, and also helped my liking for both as well.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I did my Lab D on Aerobics. This is with out a doubt the most fun I have had while teaching this semester. As you can tell by my outfit and extreme enthusiasm while teaching, I truly had a blast teaching aerobics today. A couple of the things that I thought I did very well were being enthusiastic and loud. I felt like everyone was really into it and having a really good time. I saw a lot of smiling and laughing going on while I was teaching, and sometimes that could mean that the students were not really paying attention, or not really into it. But in today's lesson it was because they were really having fun and enjoying what we were doing. Another thing I thought that I did very well was making sure that they were active for the majority of the class, and making sure that they were doing things that many of them had never done before. Introducing new things to people really helps with them being intrigued, and interested to participate. One thing I think I need to work on is making sure that the range of my voice changes. Although I am loud, sometimes I stay kind of monotone. But besides that, I thought my lesson went extremely well, and I was thrilled with how much fun everyone was having, and I think that me relax and have some fun myself. I feel that it is obvious that strides that I have made as a teacher through the course of the semester. I have always been comfortable in front of other people or students, however the confidence and work ethic that I had developed by the end of the semester was really noticeable to me, and hopefully to my professors. I only hope to continue improving as a teacher in the years to come.