Monday, October 26, 2009

Lab B...The Claw and Pancake

Although it has taken me a little while to get my blog situated, I wanted to adress my second time teaching. This time teaching I had to teach a particular part of the ultimate frisbee lesson. My particular part was the claw and the pancake. These were two diffrent ways to catch the frisbee once it was thrown. I thought that I was very informed, and prepared for how I was going to teach the class. I knew exactly how I wanted to go about adressing these different types of catches, and was very aware of the different types of cues that I wanted to make sure the class knew about. While I was teaching, I thought that my strong point, like before was being very confident, and speaking very clearly, and loud. I thought that i was able to keep their attention, and intrigue with what I was teaching. The one thing that I thought I needed to work on was the fact that I had turned my back a couple of times when I was giving feedback to a couple of students. While this was going on I noticed that some of the class just started to leave the room. Once I had gotten their attention, and got them back into class, the other part of class started to leave. I wasnt too rattled by this even though I had been the only student that had had something really happen at all while they were teaching. I thought I did a decent job of not letting it distract the rest of class, and keep on going with the lesson. But still must make sure that I keep a better eye, and dont let it get that far. Over all I really enjoyed teaching this lesson, and look forward to the next time I have to teach.

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